Woodstock and District Developmental Services


WDDS (Woodstock and District Developmental Services) is a non-profit charitable organization that has been providing opportunities and supports for people with developmental disabilities in Oxford County since 1959. The organization began over 50 years ago when a group of caring and dedicated people had a vision that people with developmental disabilities should be welcomed and included in their community. These founding members began an organizational culture that recognized the importance of volunteerism and community partnerships that have continued to grow and develop over the years in response to the needs and wishes of people with a developmental disability.

Our Value Statements:


Respect and Dignity
As all people have the right to be valued and treated with respect and dignity, so each person has a duty to extend those rights to others.


Community Participation
People will have opportunities to actively participate in and fully contribute to their community. 


Staff and Volunteers:

The quality of our teams exemplifies the excellence of supports and services provided. Each staff and volunteer is an ambassador for WDDS and as such are valuable assets of the organization.


Independence and Personal Growth

People will have lifelong opportunities and support to grow and develop to their maximum potential ensuring the are able to exercise choice in and control over all decisions that affect their lives.



To be a leading organization that is recognized for strong leadership and that is responsive to the evolving needs of the people supported.


People will have opportunities to develop and maintain mutual relationships and friendships of their choice.   



We strive to ensure that all people are treated equally and without prejudice.


Excellence and Innovation

A strategic focus on excellence and innovation positions WDDS for future growth, service enhancements and program development; thereby ensuring the best possible supports.


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